Event Name Locations Participants
All Day
LNHS - Fieldhouse 24/7 LNHS Fieldhouse (GH HVAC) Facilities Internal Use
12:00 am
LHS-LHS Midnight Football Scrimmage LHS Turf Game Field LHS Football
12:30 am
5:30 am
6:00 am
LHS Marching Band Camp Week 2 DMS Cafeteria
DMS Football Field
DMS Room 300
DMS Room 301
LHS Turf Game Field
LHS Band
LHS Color Guard
LN CC Camp DMS Track
DMS Football Field
DMS Weight Room
SVMS Athletic Field
SVMS Bus Parking Lot
SVMS Track Green Area
SVMS Weight Room
LNHS 8th Grade Cross Country
LNHS Cross Country
SSC-Transportation Training SS Conference Room SSC Transportation Staff
6:30 am
LHS Football - Practice LHS Practice Football Field
LHS Turf Practice Field
LHS Football
7:00 am
Child Development Laboratory School (ROOM 105)- Early Bird Learning Center (Back to School) Preparation/Organization WORK Day *PLEASE HAVE AC ON IN ROOM 105* LHS Blue Jay Junction LHS Blue Jay Junction
LN Men's Swim & Dive Practice Liberty Community Center LNHS Boys Swim
LN V-FB Practice LN Activity Complex
LNHS FB Practice Field - East
LNHS FB Practice Field - West
LNHS Freshman Football
LNHS JV Football
LNHS Sophomore Football
LNHS Varsity Football
Nutrition Services LNHS Cafeteria (GH HVAC) Liberty North High School
LNHS Staff
7:15 am
East Clay Rotary ECC Fireplace Room
Liberty Early Childhood Center
Early Childhood Education Center
7:30 am
LN Boys Soccer Tryouts LNHS Soccer Field LNHS Varsity Boys Soccer
8:00 am
FC - Meeting FC Conference Room Facilities Internal Use
LHS-Volleyball Tryouts LHS Cokely Gym
LHS Fieldhouse Gym
LHS Volleyball Freshman
LHS Volleyball JV/Varsity
LHS 8th FB Camp SVMS Athletic Field
DMS Soccer Field
DMS Staff
LHS 8th Grade Football
LNHS Softball LNHS Softball Field
LNHS JV/Varsity Softball
Liberty North High School
LN Orchestra - Freshman Orchestra Camp LNHS Room 612 Orchestra LNHS Orchestra
Liberty North Yearbook Retreat LNHS Room 803
LNHS Room 804
LNHS Glass Hallway-Second Floor
LNHS Yearbook
8:30 am
East Clay Rotary Board Meeting ECC Fireplace Room
Liberty Early Childhood Center
9:00 am
LN V-FB Meetings LNHS Room 417 - The Eagle Room
LNHS Learning Stairs
LNHS Varsity Football
9:30 am
LN V-FB Weights LNHS Room 428-Weight Room LNHS Varsity Football
10:00 am
10:30 am
11:00 am
DAC 3-Board Room-Nutrition Services Meeting DAC 3-Board Room Nutrition Services
11:30 am
12:00 pm
12:30 pm
LNHS Color Guard Rehearsal LNHS Room 612 Orchestra LNHS Color Guard
1:00 pm
2:30 pm
3:00 pm
LHS-Boys Soccer Practices DMS Soccer Field LHS Boys Soccer
LHS Football - Practice LHS Turf Practice Field
LHS Practice Football Field
LHS Football
LHS Softball LHS Ball Diamond 2 Liberty High School
LNHS Volleyball Tryouts LNHS Fieldhouse (GH HVAC)
LNHS Fieldhouse Mezzanine
LNHS Aux Gym - 407 (GH HVAC)
LNHS Freshman Volleyball
LNHS JV/Varsity Volleyball
3:15 pm
LHS- Cross Country Practice LHS Lower Commons LHS Cross Country
LHS-G Golf Practice @ Shoal Creek Golf Course Shoal Creek Golf Course LHS Girls Golf
3:30 pm
LN Boy's Dive Practice Liberty Community Center LNHS Boys Dive
4:00 pm
LHS Girls Tennis DMS Weight Room LHS Girls Tennis Varsity
LHS Girls Tennis JV/Varsity
DMS Staff
4:30 pm
LS- LHS JV Cheer Practice LSE Gym LHS Cheerleading JV
5:00 pm
LHS-Girls Tennis Meeting and Dinner LHS Hall of Fame Room LHS Girls Tennis
LHS Girls Tennis Meeting DMS LMC DMS Staff
LHS Girls Tennis
LHS Marching Band Parent Performance DMS Cafeteria
DMS Room 300
DMS Room 301
LHS Band
5:30 pm
KC Fire Track DMS Track DMS Staff
6:00 pm
LHS-Freebird Soccer (Frigon) LHS Turf Practice Field Freebird Soccer
LHS-Freebird Soccer Practice (Frigon) LHS Turf Practice Field Freebird Soccer
Liberty High School
MH-Diamond Dolls-French MHE Baseball Field MHE Parent
SC - Liberty Pop Warner Football Practice SCE Football Field Liberty Pop Warner Organization
6:30 pm  
7:00 pm
LHS-HYPE VIDEO Sports Marketing LHS Turf Game Field LHS Staff
7:30 pm
11:30 pm